M. Korkut Börteçene
M. Korkut Börteçene

That's me!
it's my home
Here, where I'm live
That's me!
it's my home
Here, where I'm live

Who is this guy?:



he's got no body

nice to watch, just

like Humpty Dumpty,


not him!

Short and wide,

but getting old and wise,

raised with Knowledges,

charged with much respect,

politeness inside,

Heart full of Love

much like a child,

getting value of his thoughts,

and begin of all his

aims from his roots,

leaning against the turkish culture,

against the fundemantals of his fathers.

He doesn't like the inhumanity

of the mankind, and people

disturbing the Unity of his Country,

and playing with the justice.

He can laugh out loud, if its funy,

he cries from heart, if it hurts

still like a child

He is a man with principles,

he is a surprize, which his packeges

disrupted an old,

his surname; Korkut

name; Börteçene.

Please don't forget the

Mustafa, think about his


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