M. Korkut Börteçene
M. Korkut Börteçene

My main principles

All my life I've tried to be able to live according five main principals. But I also thought, they shouldn't be strong rules. Because time changes fast. At the other side, they should not thwart each other. So I decided to collect not many of them. This couple principals, which I still use are published (under the Picture of the page), I think, they will give you good informations about me.

Meaning of Future

Future is not only what will happen to us, it is more the result of what we have learned from the past, our correction and their optimization into our fate.

Nice to see you here...

...and that you want to stay a while !

Thank you for coming to my virtually home. I really have racked my brain, how could I offer you added value, for getting in to my site and stay a while. I did prepared some contents to you, which I heartly hope, being beneficial to you. That's for sure, it is without any costs and without any mandatory. You not even have to become a member. These are data of mine; my opinions to the actual events, pics, programs which frame my life. They will thrive and prosper by-and-by.



I split my web site mainly to 6 groups:


1- Information to this site generally

2- Area of knowledges (on building)

3- Germany, from the sight of (for my opinion well integrated) foreign resident (will be finished at Feb.2010)

4- Turkey, from the sight of secular and democratic turkish man (will be finished at March 2010)

5- Everything, what you can get from me (sure, without any cost - it will take a time)

6- Everything about me (that, what you could, but not have to know -still time to raedy!)



Why do I prepare this site?


Well, there is definetly my will to open myself to the others. Na ja, sicherlich als erstes mein Wille, mich zu öffnen. As the next it is beıng able to share with others. There things, which makes me like what I like and what I not.

So I beg you beıng patience, wellcome and have a nice time.



M. Korkut Börteçene


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